As one of the funniest io unlocked games, most players prefer Agario. It is an easy and fun game to play. You start the game with a drop. Your goal is to make it grow by eating pellets on the playground. Once the bubble has gotten large enough, it can also attack the smaller spots and eat them. In the meantime, you can be eaten by bigger spots. You should also consider viruses in the game. If you touch one of these, your blob will split into many pieces. However, you can use them to hide inside if your blob is small. Agario unblocked is one of the most favorite unlocked io games that users love to play. The rules are simple. You can quickly learn it and start playing. The main rule is that only the larger drops can eat the smaller ones. So you have to be careful with the big spots, but you can catch the smaller ones. Catch, eat, earn points and run! Apart from these, you have to consider the viruses in the game. If a stain touches one, it will break into several pieces. But you can feed them to attack larger points and also make them explode. Have fun playing this amazing game!